Sample CDs und CD-ROMs von PROPELLER ISLAND (Lars Stroschen)
(not as CD-ROM available)

This CD includes a unique collection of gong sounds. You will be impressed how many colours these big and heavy disks can offer, depending on it's diameter, form and the striking tecnique.
The CD is devided into four different parts. For the standard use you will prefer to sample from the first two parts, and for pop, tekkno or experimetal avant garde you will scroll to one of the last two parts that offer some realy wild stuff!
The first part offers a sound set being recorded at the Propeller Island Studios in the finest stereo quality, using customized high end microphones close to the gongs. Sometimes you can hear clearly the clicking of the mallet when beating the gong.
The second part's gong set was recorded at the famous Salvatore Church in Berlin, offering the very nice ambience of this room. The microphone position was about 30 meters off the gongs for an optimum of sound developement.
The third part is called FX gongs. Here you find sounds modified by heavy equalization, filterings and different envelope curves. These samples sound less gong like but natural and they are very useful in percussion sets. The moving gongs are swinging ones around the microphones after hitting them.
In the fourth part called processed gongs you will find computergenerated sounds derived from the original gong sounds. The effects are heavy and spacy, and sometimes the origin is no more recognizeable. The infinete waves and space ambiences were derived from different gong wave forms using infinite reverb algorythms.
Originaly the gongs have release times of up to 90 seconds. To reduce memory consumption, all gong samples were faded (!) using different curves depending on the most natural sounding effect. All sounds are normalized, but not the church gongs to keep the natural dynamics.