Sample CDs und CD-ROMs von PROPELLER ISLAND (Lars Stroschen)

Dave Stewart on the GAMELAN

Complete Gamelan Manual


Fantastic multisamples of a complete Indonesian ,loud style' gamelan orchestra: GONG BESAR and GONG KECIL, JENGLONGS, BONANGS, SARONS, GENDANGS and SULINGS. Split into 3 groups for flexibility and ease of use with different sampler RAM sizes: 1. STUDIO SAMPLES - superb stereo recordings of all instruments. 2. WORKSHOP SAMPLES - alternative versions of all the instruments recorded in a small Indonesian gamelan factory. Great atmosphere and ambience! 3. ATMOSPHERES : a selection of beautiful Indonesian jungle sounds and some outdoor concert recordings capture the mood of a real life gamelan recital. Also many UNUSUAL STRIKES - inspirational and exotic timbres created by unconventional playing techniques. Use these brilliant, evocative sounds together to recreate the sound of a COMPLETE GAMELAN, or selectively to add exotic new timbres to your recordings and compositions. Comprehensive and detailed booklet with many pictures and a foreword by Dave Stewart.